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Koala: model-based diagnoser

Main but old website can be found here. Some info is also available here.

Multivariate Gaussian generator for the GSL

Tarball is gsl_mvg.tar.gz. Be sure you have the tarball from this page. If you're not sure, read this old message from GSL mailing-list.

Solving of a class Decentralized Markov Decision Problems with Continuous State-Space

Application to teams of robots under individual continuous resource constraints. Code available soon. In the meantime contact me if needed.

Hitting sets for timed fault diagnosis

An implementation of the Hitting Sets algorithm for time labelled conflicts. Code will be back soon. In the meantime, contact me if needed.

Seeks Open Source Project

Fight against Google supremacy, protect your privacy and share web queries over a P2P network. This is an ongoing project, there is no working application right now. Read the papers at the bottom of the publication page, and a bell might ring in your head... The SourceForge page is here.

Last updated: 25th February 2009
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