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Email: juban _at_ free.fr

Research interests

My interests are in the area of autonomous and robust intelligent systems. This include studying a large set of tasks that enable one or more agents to govern themselves in difficult and uncertain situations. Technically, my research is mostly involved with automated diagnosis, decision-theoretic planning, state estimation for discrete, continuous and hybrid systems. My research offers a mix of theoretical frameworks for building a robust autonomy of systems, and a set of computational methods to solve them. Empirical results are a cornerstone of my work. Typical applications and testbeds include automated diagnosis for communication satellite, algorithms for automated decisions by planetary rovers for the exploration of the surface of Mars, and optimal team design for the exploration of craters at the lunar poles.

Stuff to look at these days

  • Check out the infamous Telecoms Package so-called EU directive, get informed, and fight against it.
  • Le projet Creation et Internet, encore appele HADOPI, est une insulte a la creation et l'innovation numerique. Informons-nous, et faisons valoir nos droits pour une societe de l'information innovante, libre et juste, qui ouvre sur les possibilites a venir, au lieu de les fermer des aujourd'hui.
  • Et bien entendu, les classiques / Of course, our all time favorites : admirer of Milounex, free your search with Wikia (well, heard it's dead :( ), support musicians with Plemi, watch where to go next.

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